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The SOMA—A Questionnaire Measure of Sexual Anxiety

  • Diana G. Patterson (a1) and Ethna C. O'Gorman (a2)


SOMA, a questionnaire designed by J. T. Quinn to measure sexual anxiety in patients presenting at a psychosexual clinic, has been used extensively as a clinical and research tool. Its construction and scoring are described, and data are presented for internal consistency, test-retest reliability, principal components analysis, and validity. Practical applications for diagnosis, prognosis, and research are discussed.


Corresponding author



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The complete questionnaire and score sheet are available from The Secretary, Department of Mental Health, The Queen's University, 68 Fitzwilliam Street, Belfast BT9 7AB. Enclose the sum of $1 on application.



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The SOMA—A Questionnaire Measure of Sexual Anxiety

  • Diana G. Patterson (a1) and Ethna C. O'Gorman (a2)


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The SOMA—A Questionnaire Measure of Sexual Anxiety

  • Diana G. Patterson (a1) and Ethna C. O'Gorman (a2)
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