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Academic institutions can now access Cambridge University Press ebook collections via an EBA. Under this model, institutions are given access to an extensive online collection of more than 50,000 titles published by Cambridge and our publishing partners, before making decisions on which titles to buy in perpetuity. 

The evidence to support decision-making is supplied in the form of usage reports, indicating which titles are the most popular within your institution during the trial period. 

Under an EBA model, you can choose to access the full collection of ebooks or a subject-specific collection. If you're thinking of taking an EBA with Cambridge, you can use our guide to find out all you need to know. 

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EBA allows you to:

  • Play a key role in selecting the resources your institution needs
  • Access up to 50,000 ebook titles
  • Enables purchasing decisions to be matched to reader preference
  • Access to newly published titles, if part of your EBA deal
  • Includes access to over 1000 Elements
  • Manage your acquisition
  • Up to 94% value for money on average

Header: Case studies from around the world

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

"If we had bought these books at list price, we would have paid a staggering amount of money... But [in our EBA with Cambridge] the average access price per title was less than a dollar, which is fabulous."

University of Johannesburg, South Africa

"We always choose to renew the Cambridge EBA because according to the usage statistics, it proves that our users really benefit from having access to the books. And for us, it is of great value to gain access to all 35,000 titles or more that are on Cambridge Core, with the amount that we pay. 

It makes it easy for us in developing our collection with the books that we are sure are being used. It makes perfect-purchasing sense in these strenuous economic times where we must take very good care of the budgets and avoid wasteful expenditure."

Bilkent University, Turkey

With an EBA, Cambridge's entire collection is accessible to us and includes important partner publishers. The support team is available in case of any problems/questions or issues. Every book has its own DOI and there is almost no room for error in data entries. 

Having a connection with the publisher sales site is a positive feature for librarians in terms of time and control. We can get the usage statistics and we love that Cambridge is a reliable and prestigious publisher.

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore 

"EBA allows meticulous selection of subject domains and titles that may attract maximum usage. It was a win-win for both the library and Cambridge University Press. It equips the library to negotiate the most accessible reasonable fee. Based on the evidence the institution got from the usage statistics, they were able to arrive at a list of titles that they wished to retain as perpetual under EBA."

The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore is a leading graduate school of management in Asia.

University of Bath

We've had 6,000 uses of 400 separate titles. If we paid individually, it would've cost us tens of thousands of pounds... that's the kind of value for money that you can get with an EBA. 

We also loved being able to select the popular titles we want to keep in perpetuity. It meant, we had access to titles we wouldn't have been able to use otherwise and use them thousands of times. It has been an overall positive experience.

Resources and Support

Our customers have access to a wide range of support to guide them on their journey with Cambridge EBA:

EBA through JISC - Guide for UK Librarians

Working together for an effective EBA