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Welcome to Cambridge Core, the online home for Cambridge University Press's academic content. Our books and journals have been brought together for the first time on Cambridge Core: a sophisticated, high-performance platform for journals, books and a number of additional online products and collections.

Cambridge Core also includes content published by our partner publishers – including Edinburgh University Press, the Mathematical Association of America and the University of Adelaide Press.

Cambridge Core has primarily been designed to help your readers and researchers to make fast and easy journeys to valuable content. We consulted extensively with librarians and information professionals while developing our new platform to make sure we provide the most comprehensive functionality possible. We want to help your users connect with our publications effectively whilst enabling you to report on your institution's interaction with the content.

Cambridge University Press strives to make the interaction between Cambridge Core and a host of third party library and discovery systems as seamless as possible. We actively participate in industry initiatives to improve title information, metadata and standards like MARC, COUNTER, RDA and KBART.

Our goal is to keep pace with all the changes in the library sector, in terms of digital formats, metadata, sales models and more. We welcome your suggestions to help us evolve in partnership with your institution.


On this page you can find links to information about MARC records, KBART lists, titles available, special collections, support materials and special offers. Log in to your administrator account area for usage statistics, access details and a list of titles to which your library currently subscribes. If you do not have an organisation account, you can request an administrator account by filling out this form.

If you have any additional questions or suggestions, please contact your usual Cambridge contact or refer to the details on our contact us page.

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