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Welcome to your Cambridge University Press ebooks hub. This is your single reference page where you can learn the latest news on ebooks and Cambridge Core platform updates. 

Multimedia Fluid Mechanics Online is now available either via subscription or as a perpetual-access purchase

Multimedia Fluid Mechanics can now be purchased for your institution's perpetual access, although an annual subscription is still available should you prefer that option. Current subscribers will receive a discount on the perpetual-access purchase; contact your usual Cambridge library sales representative for more information. 

The perfect complement to any course in Fluid Mechanics, this online product combines original content from the award-winning* DVD with a web-based interface optimised for use on multiple devices and Cambridge Core's high accessibility standards.

Discover Multimedia Fluid Mechanics Online

Liverpool University Press to leave CUP Partner Publisher program after July 2023

On 17th July 2023 Liverpool University Press (LUP) will leave our Partner Publisher program, and as such their titles will not be available to purchase through Cambridge Core from that date. If you have previously purchased LUP titles on a perpetual basis they will continue to be available through Cambridge Core and no action is required from you. If you are an Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) customer who is due to make title selections after July 17th, Liverpool University Press titles will not be available for selection. If you intend to use your EBA to select LUP titles we encourage you to do this prior to July 17th. Please contact your usual CUP sales representative or find your local CUP sales representative to discuss your options.

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