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Cambridge is one of the world’s leading publishers of research in classical studies, with a list that covers all aspects of enquiry into the ancient world. Our books are at the forefront of the discipline and have been recognised for their broad-ranging, thought-provoking scholarship. Our publishing spans the full range of classical enquiry and pedagogy: critical editions of ancient texts, commentaries, literary and historical analysis, classical archaeology, theoretical perspectives, reception studies, course texts, companions and source books.
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Classical Studies - Journals blog

  • Circe’s Etruscan Drugs
  • 01 July 2022, Jessica Lightfoot
  • When only four words of a poet’s entire output in a specific genre survive to the present day, is there really anything of substance that we can say about this...

Classical Studies - Books blog

  • Understanding Intelligence
  • 07 June 2022, Ken Richardson
  • There are a lot of questions about the validity of IQ tests and the nature of ‘intelligence’. Ken Richardson, author of Understanding Intelligence tries to tackle the problem at the heart of the subject of intelligence by putting intelligence in the context of living functions....