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Science & technology blog

  • Malacosporean myxozoans exploit a diversity of fish hosts
  • 19 June 2019, Edson A. Adriano, Beth Okamura, Juliana Naldoni and Ashlie Hartigan
  • The latest Paper of the Month for Parasitology is ‘Malacosporean myxozoans exploit a diversity of fish hosts’ by Juliana Naldoni, Edson A. Adriano, Ashlie Hartigan and Beth Okamura Parasitic diseases can represent major challenges for conservation and wildlife management on the one hand, and food production and recreational activities on the other.…...
  • Can we predict breed suitability for different environments?
  • 14 June 2019, Maria Lozano Jaramillo
  • The animal article of the month for July is ‘Use of Geographic Information System tools to Predict Animal Breed Suitability for Different Agro-Ecological Zones’ Predicting breed suitability is challenging in livestock production.…...