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Cloning and characterization of an orphan seven transmembrane receptor from Schistosoma mansoni

  • M. S. PEARSON (a1), D. P. McMANUS (a1), D. J. SMYTH (a1), M. K. JONES (a1), A. M. SYKES (a1) and A. LOUKAS (a1)...


A partial cDNA sequence was obtained from the human blood fluke, Schistosoma mansoni using a signal sequence trap approach. The full-length cDNA was cloned and termed Sm-7TM. The corresponding open reading frame had 7 membrane spanning domains and shared identity with a small, novel group of seven transmembrane (7TM) receptors from vertebrates and invertebrates, including the human ee3 receptor – a heptahelical protein implicated in neuronal signalling. Phylogenetic analysis of this novel family showed that the Sm-7TM ORF formed a clade with exclusively invertebrate sequences. Based on topology modelling with ee3, Sm-7TM was predicted to possess an intracellular C-terminal tail, which was expressed as a soluble thioredoxin fusion protein (Sm-7TMC) in Escherichia coli and purified using metal ion-affinity chromatography. A polyclonal antiserum against this domain was used to detect Sm-7TM in detergent-soluble parasite extracts and to immunolocalize the receptor to the tegument of adult S. mansoni.


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Cloning and characterization of an orphan seven transmembrane receptor from Schistosoma mansoni

  • M. S. PEARSON (a1), D. P. McMANUS (a1), D. J. SMYTH (a1), M. K. JONES (a1), A. M. SYKES (a1) and A. LOUKAS (a1)...


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