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  • ISSN: 2752-6135 (Online)
  • Editors: Diamond Ashiagbor (Innovative Content Editor) University of Kent, UK, Marija Bartl (Managing Editor) University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Vladimir Bogoeski (Assistant Editor) University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Daniela Caruso (Symposia Editor) Boston University, USA, Edoardo Chiti (Classics Editor and Books Editor) University of Viterbo, Italy, Francesco Costamagna (EU Law in Debate Editor) University of Torino, Italy, Marco Dani (EU Law in Debate Editor) University of Trento, Italy, Michelle Everson (Classics Editor and Books Editor) Birkbeck College London, UK, Martijn Hesselink (Symposia Editor) European University Institute, Italy, Jan Komarek (EU Law in Debate and Podcast Editor) University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Joana Mendes (Managing Editor) University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Agustín José Menéndez (Managing Editor) Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain, Vlad Perju (Symposia Editor) Boston College Law School, USA, Harm Schepel (Managing Editor) University of Kent, UK, Alexander Somek (Symposia Editor) University of Vienna, Austria, Renata Uitz (Innovative Content Editor) Central European University, Hungary, and Floris de Witte (Innovative Content Editor) London School of Economics, UK
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New for 2022

European Law Open (ELO) delivers a dynamic, critical and contextual approach to European law in an Open Access format. The journal is open to different voices, different concerns, and different methodologies, offering a platform for rigorous analysis of both EU law itself and wider European law and governance in their political, cultural, social and economic contexts. Intellectually ambitious 'Core analysis' research papers will be published alongside shorter ‘Dialogue and debate’ pieces as well as reflections on books and classic articles. European Law Open is the bold new platform for the diverse voices of the EU law community.

As a barrier-free Gold Open Access journal, a fee waiver system is in place for unfunded authors.

Our online submission system is live here.

Queries can be sent to the Managing Editors (Marija Bartl, Joana Mendes, Agustín José Menéndez and Harm Schepel) at





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