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The monoclonal antibody H386F labels microglia in the retinal nerve fiber layer of several mammals

  • Nina Tumosa (a1) and James R. Baker (a1)


The antibody H386F revealed microglia in the retinae of several species: owl monkey, slow loris, galago, ferret, raccoon, and tree shrew. The shape, size, and density of labeled microglia were identical to those labeled by OX-42 and OX-41, two antibodies specific for microglia, in both galago and owl monkey. The labeled microglia varied little in retinal location. There was remarkably little variability in density, shape, number, and size of the abeled microglia between species. All labeled microglia were evenly distributed across, but restricted to, the nerve liber layer. Possible reasons for this restriction in location are discussed.



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The monoclonal antibody H386F labels microglia in the retinal nerve fiber layer of several mammals

  • Nina Tumosa (a1) and James R. Baker (a1)


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