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Development of a Line for Dissolved Inorganic Carbon Extraction at LMC14 Artemis Laboratory in Saclay, France

  • J P Dumoulin (a1), I Caffy (a1), C Comby-Zerbino (a1), E Delqué-Količ (a1), S Hain (a1), M Massault (a2), C Moreau (a1), A Quiles (a1), V Setti (a1), C Souprayen (a1), J-F Tannau (a3), B Thellier (a1) and J Vincent (a1)...


We present here the new line installed at the LMC14 laboratory (Saclay, France) for dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) extraction from marine and freshwater samples. The operating system and extraction process are described. The efficiency of the line design was checked, and the background (0.42 ± 0.11 pMC) and the reproducibility on artificial samples obtained by dissolution of IAEA-C1, IAEA-C2, and commercial bicarbonate in water were evaluated. An intercomparison with an independent lab (IDES) was also carried out on a natural sample. The line processes 3 samples a day under a helium flow and is able to run samples up to 40,000 ka.


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