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A Study of Grain Growth in Ion Irradiated Co-Cr Alloy Films*

  • J. Li (a1), B. X. Liu (a1) and H. D. Li (a1)


Experiments concerning the behavior of grain size in Co80Cr20 alloy thin films upon ion irradiation were conducted. The alloy films of 80 nm thick were prepared by magnetron sputtering on cleaved NaCl crystal substrates, and then irradiated by 300 keV argon or xenon ions to a wide range of doses. The irradiated samples, before and after annealing, were examined by transmission electron microscope (TEM). It was found that the initial grain size with the dimension of 20 nm remained unchanged when the dose was less than 1×1016Ar/cm2, but rapidly reduced to the scale of 5 nm at a dose of 5×1016Ar/cm2. It is thought that this is due to a polymorphic transformation of an HCP to a BCC structure in the alloy films. After 30 min. anneals at 200° C, it was observed that the grain growth rate was a function of ion dose, and that there exists a critical fluence yielding a maximum grain growth rate. The possible mechanisms for the observations in this study are discussed.



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Project supported in part by the Science Fund of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.



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