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Progress on Searching Optimal Thermal Spray Parameters for Magnesium Silicide

  • Gaosheng Fu (a1), Lei Zuo (a1), Jon Longtin (a1), Yikai Chen (a2) and Sanjay Sampath (a2)...


The thermoelectric properties of Mg2Si coatings prepared by Atmospheric Plasma Spray (APS), and Vacuum Plasma Spray (VPS) are presented. Seebeck coefficient results of both APS and VPS have been reported. XRD and SEM analysis of the samples are also presented to understand how microstructure influences the coating thermoelectric properties. The results suggest significant improvements can be made on the reduction of impurity including oxidation and pure silicon by using proper spray method and parameters. Thermal spray has been demonstrated before to be effective way to reduce thermal conductivity which may due to the coating microstructure. VPS result shows higher Seebeck coefficient than APS which may due to lower level of oxidization.


Corresponding author

*(, 631-632-9327)


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