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Preparation of SiC-Diamond Nanocomposites

  • S. Gierlotka (a1), E. Ekimov (a2), B. Palosz (a1), S. Stel'makh (a1), R. Pielaszek (a1), A. Witek (a1), E. Grzanka (a1), A. Presz (a1), H. Boysen (a3) and U. Bismayer (a4)...


Compacts of composites SiC-diamond were made by infiltration of Si into nanocrystalline diamond powders in a toroid-type press under the pressure of 7.7 GPa at 1300 °C. In-situ high pressure diffraction studies of these processes were performed in MAX80 cubic anvil press at a pressure of 8.5 GPa in temperatures up to 1800°C in HASYLAB at DESY, Hamburg, Germany. Sintering was performed for (i) pure nanocrystalline diamond powders, (ii) a mixture of nanocrystalline powders of diamond and nanocrystalline SiC, (iii) a mixture of nanocrystalline diamond with microcrystalline Si powders and (iv) compacts of nanocrystalline diamond infiltrated by Si. The SiC-diamond composites obtained by infiltration of Si have best physical properties: hardness similar to conventional diamond compacts (approximately 50 GPa), highest density 3.35 g cm-3 and uniform nanocrystalline microstructure.



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