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Photodegradation in a-Si:H Prepared by Hot-Wire CVD as a Function of Substrate and Filament Temperatures

  • Daxing Han (a1), Guozhen Yue (a1), Jing Lin (a1), Hitoe Habuchi (a2), Eugene Iwaniczko (a3) and Qi Wang (a3)...


We have studied light-soaking effects, such as photoconductivity (PC) degradation kinetics, the changes of conductivity activation energy, Ea, and the defect density of states (DOS) in a-Si:H films deposited by hot-wire CVD. Films were deposited in a substrate temperature range from 280 to 440 °C for filament temperatures of 1900 and 2100 °C. We find that (a) the photodegradation kinetics does not follow the stretched exponential rule for all of the samples; (b) the Fermi level position moves up after light-soaking for most samples; and (c) the metastable defect DOS deduced from sub-band gap absorption is not consistent with that deduced from the electron mobility-lifetime product. The results are discussed according to the possible mechanism in which charged defects exist in hot-wire a-Si:H films.a



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