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Oxygen Effect in Diamond Deposition at Low Temperatures

  • Y. Liou (a1), A. Inspektor (a1), R. Weimer (a1), D. Knight (a1) and R. Messier (a1)...


Diamond thin films were deposited on different substrates at low temperatures (lowest temperature∼ 300°C, estimated) in a microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (MPCVD) system. The deposited films were amorphous carbon or diamond films depending on the different gas mixtures used. The growth rate of diamond thin films was decreased by adding oxygen to the gas mixture. The addition of oxygen to the gas mixtures was found to be important for diamond growth at low temperatures. Different concentrations of oxygen have been added into the gas mixture. Without oxygen, the deposited films were white soots and easily scratched off. Increasing the oxygen input improved the quality of the Raman peaks and increased the film transpancy. The diamond films were also characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM).



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