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Nano-Encapsulated ZnS:Ag Phosphors for Field Emission Flat Panel Display Applications

  • Michael Ollinger (a1), Valentin Craciun (a1) and Rajiv K. Singh (a1)


ZnS:Ag phosphor particles were encapsulated with nano-meter thick films of indium tin oxide (ITO) in order to slow the degradation process of the phosphor as well as to reduce the amount of sulfur species out-gassing from the phosphor. Cathodoluminescent (CL) degradation measurements were performed at two different vacuum conditions (6.1–10-7 Torr and 1–10-5 Torr). The CL degradation curves showed that the ITO coating improved the brightness lifetime. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy was used to determine the chemical changes on the coated and uncoated degraded particle surfaces. CL images were used to show the loss of brightness from the surface of the phosphor particles. Then energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy was used to measure the ratio of the area under the zinc and sulfur peaks on an atomic weight %, which showed a loss in sulfur during the degradation experiments.



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