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Mineralization of water-in-oil emulsion droplets

  • Giulia Fornasieri (a1), Stéphane Badaire (a1), Rénal Vasco Backov (a1), Philippe Poulin (a1), Cécile Zakri (a1) and Olivier Mondain-Monval (a1)...


Using reverse emulsion systems, we were able to trigger mineralization confined at an oil-water interface. In this process, the alcoxide silica precursor is dissolved in the oil continuous phase of the emulsion and diffuses through the bulk to the interface where it starts to hydrolyze and condense as soon as a certain concentration threshold is attained. The process takes place only in the presence of a water soluble surfactant inside the droplet. This surfactant leads to the presence of a controlled mesoporosity inside the silica shells. The obtained objects could be used in different encapsulation applications.



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Mineralization of water-in-oil emulsion droplets

  • Giulia Fornasieri (a1), Stéphane Badaire (a1), Rénal Vasco Backov (a1), Philippe Poulin (a1), Cécile Zakri (a1) and Olivier Mondain-Monval (a1)...


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