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Light-Emitting and Hole-Transporting Polymers for LEDs

  • Toshihiro Ohnishi (a1), Shuji Doi (a1), Masato Ueda (a1), Fumi Yamaguchi (a1) and Takanobu Noguchi (a1)...


Various copolymers of arylene vinylenes, having strong fluorescence, showed predominantly the emission in the multi-layer device using an electron-transporting material(ETM) such as tris(8-quinolinolato)aluminum(Alq3). The emission from Alq3 was suppressed due to the high hole-injection barrier from the copolymers to ETM in spite of low or no barriers of electron injection from ETM to the copolymers. We have successfully prepared highly hole-transporting polysilane having a triphenylamine group as a side chain(TPA-PS). The hole mobility as high as 10 cm3cm2/Vs is attributable to the intermolecular hopping process facilitated by the interaction between the polysilane backbone and the triphenylamine group. The polysilane is effectively used as a hole transporting material. The bilayer LED device consisting of TPA-PS and Akb3 showed high luminance (2000cd/m2) and high efficiency (4cd/A).



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