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The Influence of Weak Links and Oxygen Deficiency on Electrical Properties of Bi-2212 and Ti-2212 Hts Thin Films

  • Jon L. Schindler (a1) (a2), Frank Dimeo (a1) (a3), Carolyn R. Duran (a1) (a3), Bruce J. Hinds (a1) (a4), Bruce W. Wessels (a1) (a3), Tobin J. Marks (a1) (a4) and Carl R. Kannewurf (a1) (a2)...


Thin films of the Bi-2212 and T1–2212 compounds were prepared by MOCVD deposition techniques. Resistivity versus temperature and critical current density measurements were used to characterize the electrical properties. An analysis of the data based on a proposed model determined the influence of intragranular weak links. Thin film samples in both systems with near optimum oxygen doping showed a correlation between the slope and magnitude of the resistivity in the normal state. Samples with reduced oxygen content displayed a strong increase in the intragrain boundary resistance, consistent with weak link defects. The results agree with a similar analysis of YBCO samples and support a common mechanism for the development of weak links in cuprates.



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