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Hydrogen Incorporation in Amorphous Silicon Prepared at High Deposition Rates by the VHF-GD Technique

  • F. Finger (a1), V. Viret (a1), A. Shah (a1), X.-M. Tang (a2), J. Weber (a2) and W. Beyer (a3)...


The influence of deposition temperature on hydrogen incorporation in a-Si:H prepared by VHF glow discharge at 70 MHz is investigated using hydrogen evolution, elastic recoil detection analysis and infrared spectroscopy.The films were further characterized by dark- and photoconductivity and by photothermal deflection spectroscopy. While the electronic film properties deteriorate in the usual manner with decreasing substrate temperature it is found that the total hydrogen content CH and the degree of microstructure that can be directly correlated to CH increase only moderately. It is concluded that a higher flux of low energy ions in the VHF plasma plays a key role in this context, possibly by increasing the surface mobility of the H atoms and thereby preventing the build-in of a large amount of hydrogen at low substrate temperatures.



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Hydrogen Incorporation in Amorphous Silicon Prepared at High Deposition Rates by the VHF-GD Technique

  • F. Finger (a1), V. Viret (a1), A. Shah (a1), X.-M. Tang (a2), J. Weber (a2) and W. Beyer (a3)...


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