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Fluorescence Line Narrowing Studies of Eu3+-Doped Silica Gel-Glasses

  • M. J. Lochhead (a1) and K. L. Bray (a2)


Broadband fluorescence and fluorescence line narrowing (FLN) spectra are presented for Eu3+ ions in Eu2O3-SiO3 and Eu2O3-Al2O3-SiO3 systems prepared by the sol-gel process. Clustering of rare earth ions in silica glass can be a limiting factor in the design and engineering of optical device materials. The addition of Al2O3 is known to help disperse rare earth ions in sol-gel silica. In order to develop a more detailed understanding of how Eu3+ is incorporated in these materials, time-resolved, laser-induced FLN studies at 77 K have been performed using a pulsed dye laser to selectively excite subsets of ions in the inhomogeneously broadened 7F05D0 manifold. Fluorescence spectra are discussed in terms of rare earth ion clustering, energy transfer, and bonding site symmetry. It is concluded that Eu3+ ions cluster in sol-gel silica and that the addition of alumina assists in dispersing Eu3+ ions.



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Fluorescence Line Narrowing Studies of Eu3+-Doped Silica Gel-Glasses

  • M. J. Lochhead (a1) and K. L. Bray (a2)


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