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Excimer Laser Crystallized HWCVD Thin Silicon Films: Electron Field Emission

  • M. Z. Shaikh (a1), K. A. O'Neill (a1), S. K. Persheyev (a1) and M. J. Rose (a1)


Thin silicon films deposited using the Hot-Wire Chemical Vapor Deposition (HWCVD) technique are studied here for the effect of XeCl excimer laser crystallization on their structural, optoelectronic, and electron field emission properties. Excimer Laser Annealing (ELA) of the silicon thin films indicated increased dark conductivity and reduced optical gap. Encouraging Field Emission (FE) results were obtained from XeCl excimer laser processed HWCVD films on Cr, V, Mo, and Ti backplanes. Geometric field enhancement factors from surface measurements and Fowler-Nordheim Theory (FNT) were compared. FE thresholds were also found to be particularly influenced by the backplane material.



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