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Effect of Buried Surface Structure on Solid Phase Epitaxy of GE on SI (111)-7×7

  • Olof C. Hellman (a1)


We study the crystallization of a thin film of amorphous Ge deposited at room temperature on Si (111). Features of the silicon surface buried beneath the Ge film are shown to affect the rate of crystallization. In particular, solid phase epitaxy is observed to be enhanced at surface steps and defects in the surface reconstruction. It is further shown that one-dimensional crystallization patterns can be caused by impurity-Mediated crystallization. Precipitates of an impurity rich phase migrate in the plane of the film, leaving behind a crystalline trail. The Migration path of these precipitates is also dependent on the buried surface structure.



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Effect of Buried Surface Structure on Solid Phase Epitaxy of GE on SI (111)-7×7

  • Olof C. Hellman (a1)


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