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Crystallization Behavior in Precursor-Modified Sol-Gel Lead

  • Titanate Powders (a1), Wei-Heng Shie (a1), Qing Lu (a1) and Wan Y. Shih (a2)


The molecular structure of precursors in sol-gel processing of PbTiO3 is modified via β-diketone substitution for the isopropyl groups of titanium isopropoxide. Crystallite size and crystallization behavior are studied using x-ray diffractometry and differential thermal analysis. The crystallite size decreases with increasing amount of β-diketone substitution. Whereas the weight percent of crystalline phase first decreases and then increases with increasing β-diketone substitution. Our results indicate that the β-diketone substitution reduces the size of the structural units in the gel network resulting in smaller crystallite size and more nucleation sites in the powders produced.



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Crystallization Behavior in Precursor-Modified Sol-Gel Lead

  • Titanate Powders (a1), Wei-Heng Shie (a1), Qing Lu (a1) and Wan Y. Shih (a2)


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