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Channel Epitaxy of 3C-SiC on Si Substrates by CVD

  • S. Nishino (a1), Y. Okui (a1), C. Jacob (a1) and S. Ohshima (a1)


Epitaxial growth of 3C-SiC on Si substrates has been studied for many years, however an important issue is how to reduce the high density of interfacial defects. Channel epitaxy is the growth of a film on small channeled windows and is related to selective growth. Channel epitaxy of 3C-SiC grown on the seed 3C-SiC previously deposited on patterned Si substrates was achieved via CVD using hexamethyldisilane (HMDS). The proper selection of mask materials was also key to achieve channel epitaxy. Thermal oxide, silicon nitride and thin SiC masks were tried. Thin SiC was an effective mask to achieve selective growth at 1350°C. Smooth surface morphology was observed on both the channel regions and the mask regions at the growth temperature of 1350°C. Scanning electron microscopy revealed coalescence of the laterally grown regions via channel epitaxial growth of 3C-SiC.



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