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Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Transistors Produced by Atmospheric Pressure CVD

  • Byung Chul Ann (a1), Jeong Hyun Kim (a1), Chan Hee Hong (a1), Woo Yeol Kim (a1), Kwang Nam Kim (a2), Hee Kyung Kang (a2) and Jin Jang (a2)...


We have studied the preparation and device application of a-Si by atmospheric pressure CVD using disilane. The deposition rate of a-Si increases with the partial pressure of disilane and with the total pressure. The deposition rate of APCVD a-Si is, therefore, very high compared with LPCVD. The photosensitivity of APCVD a-Si is 104 at 100mW/cm2. We have made an inverse staggered type a-Si TFT using SiO2 as a gate insulator. The on/off current ratio and field effect mobility are 105 and 0.19cm2/Vs, respectively.



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