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Stress, Hardness and Elastic Modulus of Bismuth Triiodide (BiI3)

  • Natália F. Coutinho (a1), Silvia Cucatti (a1), Rafael B. Merlo (a1), Vinicius G. Antunes (a1), Fernando Alvarez (a1) and Francisco C. Marques (a1)...


Bismuth triiodide (BiI3) has been studied aiming the development of lead-free photovoltaic materials. It can also be used as X-ray detectors due to the high density of its elements (bismuth and iodine). We investigate the mechanical stress, hardness, and elastic properties of BiI3 thin films deposited by thermal evaporation. The stress was determined by the bending beam technique using the Stoney equation. The films are tensile with stress of approximately 27 MPa. The hardness and the elastic modulus were determined by nanoindentation technique using a Berkovich diamond tip. The hardness of the films is approximately 0.8 GPa and the reduced Young´s modulus is ∼28 GPa for maximum penetration depth of 10% of the film thickness.


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Stress, Hardness and Elastic Modulus of Bismuth Triiodide (BiI3)

  • Natália F. Coutinho (a1), Silvia Cucatti (a1), Rafael B. Merlo (a1), Vinicius G. Antunes (a1), Fernando Alvarez (a1) and Francisco C. Marques (a1)...


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