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Vortex motion in doubly connected domains

  • L. ZANNETTI (a1), F. GALLIZIO (a1) and G. M. OTTINO (a1)


The unsteady two-dimensional rotational flow past doubly connected domains is analytically addressed. By concentrating the vorticity in point vortices, the flow is modelled as a potential flow with point singularities. The dependence of the complex potential on time is defined according to the Kelvin theorem. The general case of non-null circulations around the solid bodies is discussed. Vortex shedding and time evolution of the circulation past a two-element airfoil and past a two-bladed Darrieus turbine are presented as physically coherent examples.



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Vortex motion in doubly connected domains

  • L. ZANNETTI (a1), F. GALLIZIO (a1) and G. M. OTTINO (a1)


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