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Effects of Time and Method of Applying Nitrogen to Dwarf Wheats

  • N. K. Jain (a1), D. P. Maurya (a1) and H. P. Singh (a1)


Linear regression of grain and straw yield of dwarf wheats on level of fertilizer nitrogen was significant, but the efficiency of fertilizer nitrogen was determined by the time and method of its application. A single application as a basal dressing was the least productive for grain yield, while split fertilization at sowing and at first irrigation increased the efficiency of applied nitrogen. Further splitting in three doses did not benefit wheat. Foliar application of nitrogen to replace top dressing at the heading stage was of no advantage while replacement of a top dressing at first irrigation by urea spray at heading was definitely deleterious.



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Effects of Time and Method of Applying Nitrogen to Dwarf Wheats

  • N. K. Jain (a1), D. P. Maurya (a1) and H. P. Singh (a1)


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