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X-Ray Microfluorescence of Geologic Materials

  • Dale R. Boehme (a1)


Elemental analyses of geologic materials were obtained using X-ray microfluorescence combined with simultaneous elemental digital mapping. The analytical results corroborate the information obtained by electron and optical microscopy methods. Zoned garnet and ore deposit specimens were analyzed and compared to information obtained from other analytical methods. The penetrating nature of the X-ray beam using this method provides elemental information from beneath the sample surface. The combination of this depth information with the surface information supplied by electron microscopy provides a more complete analysis of the sample than is possible with each technique alone. Minimal or no sample preparation along with the ability to examine materials in air enhances the microfluorescence and digital mapping analysis technique.



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Work supported by U.S. Dept. of Energy, DOB, under contract number AT-(29-l)-789.



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1. Nichols, M.C. and Ryon, R.W., An X-ray Microfluorescence Analysis System With Diffraction Capabilities: “Advances In X-ray Analysis“ Barret, Charles S. et al., ed. Plenum Press, NY. Vol. 29, (1986).
2. Wherry, D. and Cross, B., 1986, XRF. Microbeam Analysis, and Digital Imaging Combined into Powerful New Technique, Kevex Analyst, 12:8, Kevex Corporation, Foster City, California 94404.


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