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  • ISSN: 0001-9240 (Print), 2059-6464 (Online)
  • Editor: Professor Holger Babinsky FREng FRAeS FAIAA University of Cambridge, UK
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The Aeronautical Journal has, for over a century, been the UK's leading scientific and technical aeronautics Journal and is the world's oldest Aerospace Journal that remains in production. Published monthly, The Aeronautical Journal draws upon the expertise and resources of The Royal Aeronautical Society providing a world-wide forum for authors from the UK and overseas. Research papers are solicited on all aspects of research, design and development, construction and operation of aircraft and space vehicles. Papers are also welcomed which review, comprehensively, the results of recent research developments in any of the above topics.

Cambridge Blog Feed

  • Odour-sensitive passenger comfort in small aircraft cabins
  • 02 April 2024, C.P. Nasoulis, S. Mantziou, V.G. Gkoutzamanis and A.I. Kalfas
  • An investigation simulating the slice of a small aircraft cabin as an experimental facility, aiming to assess passenger comfort during exposure to high concentrations...