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With over 400 titles to choose from, our extensive list of journals – spanning 45 subject areas – means you will always reach your target audience. You can see a full list of our journals by subject here. 

Our subscribers include society members, academic researchers, decision makers in multi-national companies and leading scientists at the forefront of their fields. Many of our journals are the official journal for the relevant society, guaranteeing that your message reaches a targeted audience.

For more details about advertising rates and opportunities in any of our journals, or to request a media pack, please contact us at

Print advertising 

Display advertising is available for a majority of our titles, with classified advertising also available in a selection of titles. 

Print ads should be submitted as black-and-white high-resolution print-quality PDF files with embedded fonts and images. All print advertising is in black and white by default. 

Color advertising may be available upon request. 

Banner advertising 

Cambridge University Press offers the option of placing banner adverts and messages on journal homepages on Cambridge Core. 

We can work with you to create an online campaign timed to support your print advertising. We can also offer coordinated banner advertising across custom lists of titles to make sure you reach the widest audience. For all banner advertising we can provide feedback on the number of views and click through rates so that you can measure the exact impact of your campaign. 

Types of online banners: 

  • Leaderboard banner (up to 2000 pixels x 440 pixels)
  • Sidebar banner (300 pixels x 250 pixels)

Online ads should be submitted as email attachments in GIF or JPG; must be in RGB.  Linking URLs should be submitted along with file.


Loose inserts can be placed within our titles targeting subscribers worldwide, in the USA only or in the rest of the world.