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Book Reviews

Book reviews are a unique element of The Aeronautical Journal and served to give the reader increased access to the world of academic research via the review of books within a wide range of topics and disciplines researched within the broad field of Aeronautical Engineering, none of our competitors offer such a service. Full-length reviews of recent publications and technical textbooks on subjects as diverse as aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, fluid mechanics, CFD, materials, structures, composites, navigation, avionics, satellites, rockets, simulation, propulsion, ATM, smart aircraft, orbital dynamics and more are published by The Aeronautical Journal.  

Academic, technical and scientific aerospace book reviews will no longer be published in future issues of The Aeronautical Journal but will continue to be published, using the resources and experience of the Royal Aeronautical Society. The latest book reviews will now appear on the Royal Aeronautical Society website here:

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Book Review

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