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Use the following specifications to link directly to an article, book, chapter or journal page on Cambridge Core using an OpenURL link.

1. Base URL

All inbound openURLs need to start with the following base:

2. Syntax

Building on the base URL you now need to add the relevant parameters. Below is an example link with three parameters. In this example the genre describes the type of resource you are trying to link to (e.g. article or book) and each parameter is a field (e.g. title, date). See details below.<genre>&<parameter1>=<parameter1value>&<parameter2>=<parameter2value>&<parameter3>=<parameter3value>  

3. Accepted Genres

Cambridge Core accepts the following genres: article, book, bookitem, journal and series.

4. Accepted parameters for each genre

Note for all genres:

Parameters: Other parameters than those listed below (e.g. journal title, volume, issue, start page, ISSN) can be used in OpenURL links but the Cambridge Core link resolver will currently ignore them. This is because we have only recorded inbound OpenURLs accessing Cambridge Core using the parameters genre, title, author and date. If you would like to link to Cambridge Core using parameters other than those listed above, please get in touch via

Authors: Use “aulast” and “aufirst” if you have this stored in two different fields, or “au” if passing it as a single string

• See examples OpenURL links here.

Article level parameters:

genre: article
atitle: article title 
au: first author name 
aulast: first author’s last name 
aufirst: first author’s first name 
date: year of publication

Journal level parameters:

genre: journal
jtitle: journal title 
title: journal title

Book level parameters:

genre: book
btitle: book title
au: first author name 
aulast: first author’s last name 
aufirst: first author’s first name 
date: year of publication

Chapter level parameters:

atitle: chapter title 
au: author name 
aulast: author last name 
aufirst: author first name 
date: publication date of book

See example openURL links.

5. Result

Whenever an exact match is found, the link will resolve directly to the article/book/chapter/journal page on Cambridge Core.
If no exact match is found, or when multiple matches are found, the link will resolve to a search results page. This page displays the details of the query, lists partial matches and allows user to edit the search parameters or run a new search locally. 

If you have any feedback from using our OpenURLs please email us at