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Special Collection in honor of 70th birthday of Professor Francesco Pegoraro

Pegoraro Collection

Professor Francesco Pegoraro

Francesco Pegoraro  was born in Udine (Italy) on April 30, 1947.  He studied Physics at Pisa University and at the Scuola Nomale Superiore. He became Full Professor of Theoretical Physics in 1990 at Turin University and in 1996 moved to Pisa University as Full Professor of Plasma Physics. In 2006 he was named Honorary Professor at the  Moscow Physical Technical Institute, Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, Russia and in 2008 corresponding member of the Accademia dei Lincei in Rome. Throughout his career he has published more than 250 articles in peer-reviewed journals. His scientific interests have covered a wide range of topics in theoretical plasma physics, from controlled magnetic fusion studies to space physics, to laser produced plasmas and relativistic plasmas under extreme conditions. 

This Special Collection is in honor of his 70th birthday.

To celebrate Pegorago's birthday we organised a conference called "Plasma Physics: Recent Results and Future Perspectives" at the Physics department in Pisa on the 18th September. The presentations from this conference can be found here.

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