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Open Collections

Culham Thesis Prize winners - Open, Invitation Only

Edited by: Christopher Ham, Ken McClements

Fast Radio Bursts: the Challenge to Extreme Plasma Astrophysics - Open

Edited by: Dmitri Uzdensky, Roger Blandford, Jon Arons, Maxim Lyutikov

Fundamental problems of plasma astrophysics: new perspectives - Open

Edited by: Antoine Bret, Francesco Califano, Thierry Passot, Alex Schekochihin, Luis Silva and Dmitri Uzdensky

Hamiltonian Methods in Plasma Physics - Open

Edited by: Thierry Passot, Emanuele Tassi and Hong Qin

Invited Contributions from the 20th European Fusion Theory Conference - Open

Edited by:  Paolo Ricci and Per Helander 

JPP Lecture notes series - Open, Invitation Only

Edited by: Bill Dorland

Laser and Plasma Accelerators 2023 - Open

Edited by: Thales Silva, Amina Hussein, Igor Andriyash, Luis O. Silva and Victor Malka

Non-neutral plasmas: achievements and perspectives - Open

Edited by: Massimiliano Rome and Francesco Califano

Papers from MagNetUS - Open

Edited by: Troy Carter, Cary Forest, Edward Thomas

Pellat thesis prize winners - Open, Invitation Only

Edited by: Thierry Passot and Titaina Gibert

Premio Vincenzo Ferraro in Space Plasma Physics - Open, Invitation Only

Edited by: Francesco Califano

Plasma and quantum information sciences - Open

Edited by: Yuan Shi and Nuno Loureiro

Closed Collections

1st JPP Frontiers in Plasma Physics Conference - Closed

Edited by: Francesco Califano, Per Helander

50 years of Mean Field Electrodynamics - Closed

Edited by: Steve Tobias, Keith Moffatt, Karl-Heinz Raedler

A tribute to the contributions to Plasma Physics of V D Shafranov: 1929-2014 - Closed

Edited by: Vladimir Pastukhov, Leonid Zakharov and Jack Connor

Collisions in collisionless plasmas - Closed

Edited by: Francesco Valentini

Complex plasma phenomena - Closed

Edited by: Francesco Califano and Massimiliano Romè

Diagnostics of dust in plasmas - laboratory, space, and fusion plasmas - Closed

Edited by: Enzo Lazzaro and Edward Thomas

Energetic electrons in space and laboratory plasmas - Closed

Edited by: Tünde Fülöp and Alexander Robinson

Experiments at the frontier of fundamental Plasma Physics - Closed

Edited by: Cary Forest and Troy Carter

High performance computing in Computer Science: ITER International School 2014 - Closed

Edited by: Matteo Faganello, Francesco Califano and Sadruddin Benkadda

Invited Contributions from the 18th European Fusion Theory Conference - Closed, Invitation Only

Edited by: Paolo Ricci, Tünde Fülöp, Nuno Loureiro and Christos Tsironis

Invited contributions from the 17th European Fusion Theory Conference - Closed

Edited by: Daniela Grasso, Christos Tsironis, Nuno Loureiro and Paolo Ricci

Invited contributions from the annual IOP Plasma Physics conference - Closed, Invitation Only

Edited by: Stuart Mangles

Laboratory astrophysics: experiments, numerics and theory - Closed

Edited by: Stuart Mangles and Antoine Bret

Macroscopic randomness in astrophysical plasmas: the legacy and vision of Ya. B. Zeldovich - Closed

Edited by: Anvar Shukurov, Dmitry Sokoloff and Alexander Schekochihin

Physics of Dusty Plasmas - Closed

Edited by: K. Avinash

Plasma Physics of gamma ray emission from pulsars and their nebulae - Closed

Edited by: Jon Arons and Dmitri Uzdensky

Plasma physics under extreme conditions: from high-energy-density experiments to astrophysics - Closed

Edited by: Frederico Fiuza, Roger D. Blandford, Siegfried Glenzer

Present achievements and new frontiers in Space Plasmas - Closed

Edited by: Francesco Califano and Thierry Passot

Solved and unsolved problems in Plasma Physics - Closed

Edited by: Ilya Dodin and Hong Qin

Status of the SPARC Physics Basis - Closed

Edited by: Bill Dorland

The Many Facets of the Vlasov Equation - Closed

Edited by: Francesco Califano, Giovanni Manfredi and Francesco Valentini

The Vlasov equation: from space to laboratory plasma physics - Closed

Edited by: Francesco Califano, Giovanni Manfredi and Francesco Valentini

The 23rd International Stellarator-Heliotron Workshop (ISHW) - Closed

Edited by: Per Helander and Bill Dorland

Topological Methods in MHD, Fluids, and Plasmas - Closed

Edited by: Mitch Berger, Anthony Yeates and Chris Prior

Ultra-high field physics with lasers - Closed

Edited by: Gianluca Sarri and Felix Mackenroth