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Journal of Fluid Mechanics is the leading international journal in the field and is essential reading for all those concerned with developments in fluid mechanics. It publishes authoritative articles covering theoretical, computational and experimental investigations of all aspects of the mechanics of fluids. Each issue contains papers both on the fundamental aspects of fluid mechanics and on their applications to other fields such as aeronautics, astrophysics, biology, chemical and mechanical engineering, hydraulics, materials, meteorology, oceanography, geology, acoustics and combustion. Every paper must present fully developed and supported primary research and is expected to have a clear conclusion that spells out the contributions made to the advancement of fluid mechanics. 

A paper is only accepted for publication in JFM after careful and thorough review identifying that it is of the highest standard in terms of scientific content and clarity of exposition. 

Papers submitted for publication can be one of two types; Standard or Rapids. Please read the instructions carefully if you would like your paper to be considered for JFM Rapids.

If your submission is accompanied by movies, either of experiments or simulations, then these will be considered as integral to the paper and therefore will be part of what is refereed. They must be accompanied by explanatory captions and the paper must refer to them.

In order not to disrupt the narrative flow, purely technical material may be included in Appendices. 

Supplementary Material
Supplements should only include ancillary material, such as machine readable code or data sets, that is not essential for understanding the paper. Everything that is required for the understanding of a paper must be contained in the paper itself. The appropriateness of supplementary material will be assessed by the Associate Editor handling the submission but such material will not be refereed for accuracy and will not be copy edited.

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