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50 years of Mean Field Electrodynamics

This Special Collection is a celebration to mark the 50th Anniversary of the seminal paper on Mean-Field Electrodynamics by Steenbeck, Krause and Raedler. It is no exaggeration to state that this paper has set the agenda in astrophysical dynamo theory for the subsequent decades and remains extremely relevant even in the time of massively parallel computers and elegant statistical theories.

In this volume we have brought together leading theoretical and computational dynamo theorists to explain their latest results, give a historical perspective on the importance of the theory or review progress in the field over the last 50 years.

Special issue editors:

Steve Tobias

PLA_editorial board photo_Steve Tobais

Keith Moffatt 

Moffatt 3

Karl-Heinz Raedler 

Karl-Heinz Raedler 2

Research Article


Research Article