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  • Print publication year: 2016
  • Online publication date: June 2018

52 - CVs

from Section 3 - Activities and tools


CVS ARE RARELY asked for within the LKS sector, although there are some exceptions which can include applying for committee positions, some job roles, applications for grants or bursaries and, of course, CILIP qualifications. It is therefore a good development activity to ensure that staff keep their CV up to date and reviewing a CV can form a useful part of the annual appraisal. A standard CV should be 2–3 pages, though an annotated CV running to four pages is ideal for personal use in keeping a record of development.

You should encourage your staff to think of their CV as a marketing tool to sell themselves. They are the only person who can communicate why they are suitable for the role, funding or qualification they are applying for. If they don't do it themselves no one else will be doing it for them. Worse, another applicant will be doing it and will be successful. Get them to really think about what they have done in the past and to what level. If they managed a project or wrote a guide then they need to say so. The example here outlines the value of maintaining an updated CV.

Example from practice: Gil Young – LKS professional (academic, public and NHS)

In 2010 I was made redundant. At the time I was undertaking a qualification which required me to produce an updated CV and continuous record of development. Redundancy is never easy but having documents which had been produced when I was feeling good about things was really helpful. I used them as the basis for job applications, where they proved to be incredibly useful, as they reminded me of all the things I had done and achieved previously.

Having an up-to-date CV provided me with a template for application forms which could be copied and pasted from. This ensured that my applications were consistent and that important information was not left out when deadlines were tight. The CV and record of development helped me to think positively about myself at a difficult time. On reflection I do think that having current versions of these documents enabled me to get a suitable new job very quickly.

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