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  • Print publication year: 2019
  • Online publication date: August 2019

Iapygia (MC-21)

from Map Sheets


The Iapygia quadrangle consists almost entirely of heavily cratered highlands, as high as 3 km above datum, descending to the northern basin rim (0–3 km below datum) and floor (3 to over 5 km below datum) of Hellas, and a piece of the southwestern rim of Isidis basin. Terra Sabaea makes up the western two-thirds of the quadrangle, whereas Tyrrhena Terra makes up the third that is east of a topographic divide, at ~75° E. An arcuate, north-facing series of scarps, Oenotria Scopuli, crosses this divide and appears to be concentric to Isidis basin. Huygens forms a prominent impact basin, with an outer rim of ~470 km in diameter, and it has an inner (250-km-diameter) and partial intermediate (350-km) ring.