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Aims and Scope

Parasitology publishes original papers on pure and applied parasitology, including biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology, genetics, physiology, epidemiology, ecology, vaccine and drug studies, and the control of parasitic infections, the application of new techniques, advances in the understanding of host-parasite relationships, theoretical studies and major systematic revisions. There is no minimum or maximum length for a paper but all manuscripts, including short ones, must be prepared in the standard format for this journal and any manuscript that is excessively long will be returned for shortening.

Parasitology is published in affiliation with the British Society of Parasitology. The BSP was formed in 1962 from the Parasitological Section of the Institute of Biology. Today the Society is the central networking and meeting point for many professional, student and amateur parasitologists throughout the UK and across the world.  Members are found in 182 institutes/organisations worldwide. Their mission is to

  • Advance the study of parasitology
  • Facilitate communication within the broad community of parasitologists
  • Promote wider dissemination of advances in the field of parasitology

Parasitology uses a single-blind model of peer review.

Please see a guide on how to prepare your manuscript here

Please see a guide on how to submit your materials here