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Fees and pricing

This page contains information about fees that may be incurred when you publish in this journal.

From the 3rd October 2022, Parasitology has moved to a Gold Open Access publishing model. All articles submitted to the journal from this date will be published, if accepted, with a non-exclusive Gold Open Access CC-BY licence (see here for more detail), and will be subject to an Article Processing Charge. Many corresponding authors will have their APC covered by a transformative agreement; check here to see if your institution is covered.

See this FAQ for more information.

Article processing charges (APCs)

This journal is a wholly open access journal, which means all articles are published as Gold Open Access under a Creative Commons licence. Open access articles in this journal are supported by an article processing charge (APC), typically paid by the author’s funding body or institution. Please see the table below for this journal’s APC fees.

Cambridge University Press has made a number of agreements to support open access, and authors at participating institutions may be eligible for APC waivers and discounts. This journal will also waive the APC for all authors who do not have funds available to pay an APC and are not otherwise eligible for an APC waiver or discount. When authors submit to the journal they are asked to provide details about their funding and to confirm whether or not an APC discount or waiver is required.

For more information about publishing open access in this journal, please refer to its open access options.

Article Processing Charges for this journal
Currency APC
GBP (£) 2045
USD ($) 3255

Waiver policies 

Cambridge University Press operates several waiver policies, as described below. It should be noted that the decision whether to accept a paper for publication will rest solely with the Editor, and without reference to the funding situation of the authors. The Editor, editorial board members, and reviewers will have no involvement with the billing of APCs and cannot grant waivers. 

Developing country waiver policy 

Cambridge University Press operates waiver policies in line with other leading publishers. We grant 100% waivers to papers whose corresponding authors are based in Research4Life 'Group A' countries, and 50% waivers to those who are based in 'Group B' countries. 

Discretionary waiver policy 

The author(s) must request a waiver at or before submission, before an article enters editorial consideration by filling out this form.  

Article Type Waivers 

Waivers will be automatically granted for all: 

  • Editorials
  • Invited Reviews (only if the author has no funding)
  • Errata/corrigenda
  • Correspondence