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  • ISSN: 0031-1820 (Print), 1469-8161 (Online)
Editor-in-Chief: Professor Russell Stothard| Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK
Editorial Board

Parasitology is an important specialist journal covering the latest advances in the subject. It publishes original research and review papers on all aspects of parasitology and host-parasite relationships, including the latest discoveries in parasite biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics, ecology and epidemiology in the context of the biological, medical and veterinary sciences. Included in the subscription price are two special issues which contain reviews of current hot topics, one of which is the proceedings of the annual Symposia of the British Society for Parasitology, while the second, covering areas of significant topical interest, is commissioned by the editors and the editorial board.

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Parasitology blog

  • A Sincere Thanks to Our Parasitology Reviewers
  • 12 May 2022, Parasitology
  • It takes a lot of people to publish an issue of Parasitology. Each year the journal successfully publishes 14 issues, with over 170 papers contained therein....
  • Bees with a drinking problem
  • 08 April 2022, Courtney MacInnis
  • The latest Paper of the Month for Parasitology is “Honey bees with a drinking problem: potential routes of Nosema ceranae spore transmission” and...

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