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Publication process after acceptance

Open access discounts

If you are publishing Gold Open Access, you may be eligible for an APC waiver or discount. Please see this journal's open access options for details.


Proofs are sent out to authors by email 3-4 months before the month of publication: e.g. for the June issue, they are sent out in February/March. Authors are requested to return their proof corrections and signed author publishing agreement form within three days of receipt. Please let the Editorial Office know if you are likely to be away for any extended period at that time, or if the proofs should be sent to anywhere other than your normal email address. The publisher reserves the right to charge authors for excessive correction of non-typographical errors.

A copyright assignment form is sent at the same time, which can be downloaded by email but has to be signed and returned by ordinary mail. For legal reasons, articles cannot be published unless this is received.

Authors of articles and review articles (but not book reviews) will receive a .pdf file of their contribution upon publication.