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POST Weed Control Using Halosulfuron in Direct-Seeded Watermelon

  • James W. Shrefler (a1), Lynn P. Brandenberger (a2), Charles L. Webber (a2), Warren Roberts (a3), Mark E. Payton (a4) and Lynda K. Wells (a5)...


Watermelon growers rotate crops to prevent problems, but weed populations in new fields may hold unexpected control challenges. Having effective POST herbicides would provide growers an opportunity to respond to emerging weeds on an as-needed basis. To address this need, field studies were conducted over 4 yr in Oklahoma to determine efficacy and crop response of POST halosulfuron applications to direct-seeded watermelon that received PRE application of ethalfluralin at 840 g/ha. At 5 wk after crop emergence (WAE) halosulfuron was applied at 18, 27, 36, and 54 g/ha. The 27 g/ha rate was also applied at 1, 2, 3 and 7 WAE. Halosulfuron applications made 5 WAE did not provide acceptable (> 80%) control of pigweeds and cutleaf groundcherry regardless of rate. Applications made 1 WAE provided significantly better control of pigweeds and cutleaf groundcherry than did later applications. Halosulfuron treatments of 36 and 54 g/ha made 5 WAE and of 27 g/ha made 1, 2 and 3 WAE did not result in significant yield increases compared with the hand-weeded check. These studies show that POST halosulfuron application may be a useful treatment for direct-seeded watermelon. This option would enable more judicious use of herbicides and possible reduction in production costs.


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