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The British Journal of Psychiatry
  • ISSN: 0007-1250 (Print), 1472-1465 (Online)
  • Frequency: 12 issues per year
The British Journal of Psychiatry (BJPsych) is a leading international peer-reviewed journal, covering all branches of psychiatry with a particular emphasis on the clinical aspects of each topic. Published monthly on behalf of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the journal is committed to improving the prevention, investigation, diagnosis, treatment, and care of mental illness, as well as the promotion of mental health globally. In addition to authoritative original research papers from around the world, the journal publishes editorials, review articles, commentaries on contentious articles, short reports, a comprehensive book review section and a lively, well-informed correspondence column. BJPsych is essential reading for psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and all professionals with an interest in mental health.
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    Tea bowl, White Satsuma ware

    © Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.: Gift of Charles Lang Freer, F1904.323

    This picture illustrates the art of Kintsugi. Kintsugi is “golden joinery” and is a way to repair ceramics using gold.

    Ceramics that have been broken can become even more beautiful and the breaks define their beauty.

    One of the stories behind Kintsugi is that of a Japanese shogun who had a beloved tea bowl which he sent to be repaired after it had been broken. He was devastated to discover it had been repaired with ugly staples. A Japanese craftsman assured him he could repair it. This craftsman repaired it with pure gold. The cracks were even more visible but the bowl was much more beautiful because of it.

    This has much resonance for mental and physical illness, where those scarred mentally and physically are perhaps more beautiful; not to be stigmatised but to be valued.

    Thank you to Dr Deepa Parry-Gupta for the suggestion to feature this concept and for providing the cover image description.

    We are always looking for interesting and visually appealing images for the cover of the Journal and would welcome suggestions or pictures, which should be sent to Dr Allan Beveridge, British Journal of Psychiatry, 21 Prescot Street, London, E1 8BB, UK or

Title history
Currently known as:
The British Journal of Psychiatry
Vol 109 (1963) onwards
ISSN: 0007-1250 (Print), 1472-1465 (Online)

Formerly known as:
Journal of Mental Science
Vol 5 (1858) - Vol 108 (1962)
ISSN: (Print), 2514-9946 (Online)

The Asylum Journal of Mental Science
Vol 2 (1855) - Vol 4 (1857)
ISSN: 2514-992X (Print), 2514-9938 (Online)

The Asylum Journal
Vol 1 (1853) - Vol 1 (1855)
ISSN: 2514-9903 (Print), 2514-9911 (Online)