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  • ISSN: 0030-8129 (Print), 1938-1530 (Online)
  • Editor: Brent Hayes Edwards Columbia University, USA
  • Editorial board
PMLA is the journal of the Modern Language Association of America. Since 1884 PMLA has published members’ essays judged to be of interest to scholars and teachers of language and literature. As the publication of a large and heterogeneous association, the journal is receptive to a variety of topics, whether general or specific, and to all scholarly methods and theoretical perspectives. The ideal PMLA essay exemplifies the best of its kind, whatever the kind; addresses a significant problem; draws out clearly the implications of its findings; and engages the attention of its audience through a concise, readable presentation. Four issues each year (January, March, May, and October) present essays and special features on language and literature, and the September issue is the program for the association’s annual convention.

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  • Mariama Bâ’s “Memories of Lagos”
  • 03 January 2024, Tobias Warner
  • The appearance of a new text by the Senegalese writer Mariama Bâ is cause for celebration. And appropriately enough, “Festac .…

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