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  • ISSN: 1479-2621 (Print), 1479-263X (Online)
  • Editors: Dr Sarah de Vos New Heritage Barley Ltd., UK, and Dr Chris Ridout John Innes Centre, UK
  • Editorial board
Plant Genetic Resources is an international peer-reviewed journal which is devoted to the many diverse topics concerned with the conservation, characterization, evaluation, and utilization of plant genetic resources—including science and practice, as well as policy, legal, and economic aspects. Articles on all types of plant genetic resources are included—although pharmaceutical uses are out of scope.

The journal features research on a wide range of species, including major crops such as wheat, and underutilized species such as African yam bean. Many papers reveal novel sources of diversity for crop improvement, as well as showcase improved methods of molecular characterization. Articles on genetic erosion and conservation of farmers’ varieties and crop wild relatives also feature prominently.

Plant Genetic Resources serves the interests of all stakeholders concerned with plant genetic resources conservation and sustainable use—including researchers, plant breeders, farmers, conservation practitioners, and policymakers. The journal is global in scope, reflecting the inter-dependency of countries and regions on plant genetic resources for food, nutrition, economic, and livelihood security.

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