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  • Print publication year: 2019
  • Online publication date: May 2020

46 - E 101/471/16, 29 Sept. 1355 to 5 June 1356


Counter-roll of Adam of Chesterfield, controller of the king's works at the palace of Westminster and Tower of London, for the expenditure of Thomas of Stapleford, lately the king's clerk of works there, with a store account.

Physical description: A roll of ten membranes, sewn end-to-end; mm. 1–1d has suffered considerable damage by tearing and staining, with some loss of text; the same is true, to a lesser extent of mm. 2–2d; the rest of the roll is in good condition, and wholly legible. The roll is written on one side, with the store account on mm. 1d–2d.

Scope of transcription: Entries relating to St Stephen's chapel, including the possible construction of an entrance to it and a cloister, making a masons’ lodge, and making stalls, painting and glazing, as well as works in another chapel in the palace.

[m. 1]

Palacio Westm’

Contrarotulus Ade de Chestrefeld contrarotulatoris Thome de Stapelford nuper clerici et supervisoris operacionum in palacio Regis Westm’ et Turri ipsius Regis London’ tam empcionum et solucionum per ipsum Thomam factorum pro operibus in eisdem locis a festo sancti Michaelis anno regni regis Edwardi tercij xxx incipiente usque v diem Junij proximum sequentem

Die lune xxviij die Septembris Johanni atte Wode pro una corda empta pro [illegible word] ponderanti xl lb. precium lb. ij d.: vj s. viij d.

Willelmo Sunnyng’ pro vj tribulis ferratis emptis ad serviendos laborarios iij s.

Johanni Denys pro D dornaill’ emptis pro hostio capelle iuxta molendinum precium cne xiiij d.: v s. x d. […]

Agneti Dissh’ pro Dc scortic’ emptis pro skaffoldo iij s.

In portagio dictorum [scortum?] de London’ usque Westm’ iiij d. […]

Johanni Quariour pro xiiij carectatis petrarum vocatum Egremond emptarum pro ymaginibus precium carectate vj s.: xiiij li. iiij s. In cariagio [x]iiij carectatarum predictarum petrarum de Dunstaple usque Westm’ xxvj s. viij d. […]

Johanni Lithegrave pro ijc foliis auri pro dicta capella viij s.

Magistro Andree pro aceracione et bateracione xviij d.[?] […]