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Fees and pricing

This page contains information about fees that may be incurred when you publish in this journal.

Publication Charges 

Authors are asked to pay a portion of publication costs. These costs for Weed Science are currently $65 per final composed page plus an additional processing charge of $55 per manuscript if none of the authors are WSSA members. Exceptions can be made by the Editor but must be requested when the manuscript is first submitted. There is no additional charge for publishing color figures or images included in the manuscript.”

Article processing charges (APCs)

This is a hybrid journal, which means it provides authors with options to make their articles open access. If you choose to publish your article as Gold Open Access, this will need to be supported by an article processing charge (APC), typically paid by the author’s funding body or institution. Please see the table below for this journal’s APC fees.

Cambridge University Press has also made a number of agreements to support open access, and authors at participating institutions may be eligible for APC waivers and discounts.

For more information about publishing open access in this journal, please refer to its open access options.

Article Processing Charges for this journal
Currency APC Member Rate
GBP (£) 1700
USD ($) 2500 2000